The benefits and disadvantages of tutoring

The benefits of tutoring include an individual training program that addresses gaps in a particular student’s knowledge and focuses on challenging assignments. The course is held at an individual pace. Lessons with a tutor are held in a comfortable environment, usually, a tutor comes to the house, and a student is not afraid to ask questions about what he did not understand. 

The disadvantage of home tutoring is the high cost compared to online courses. In addition, unlike the courses, the student does not have the opportunity to compare themselves with other guys and estimate the strength of their knowledge.

Today, online classes are widespread, including Skype classes with a tutor. Such courses are optimal because the schedule is flexible, and the cost is lower, as it does not include expenses of the tutor commuting to the student’s place.

The active development of Internet technology has given tutors many opportunities to improve the learning process. First and foremost, we are talking about distance learning. This format is becoming more and more popular among students day by day, which is why more and more tutors are starting to conduct lessons on Skype.


Advantages of online lessons

One of the main advantages of the distance lessons with a tutor is their lower price than traditional lessons.  This is especially important for parents with low income – with an online tutor, they can have, for example, lessons in two disciplines, instead of one with a tutor face-to-face. 

The second benefit is that it saves time and, at the same time, energy. After all, neither the student nor the teacher do not need to spend time on the way to the classroom and back. In addition, distance learning allows you to choose a tutor, regardless of where he lives – after all, when communicating through a computer any distance does not matter.

The third significant benefit of online learning is the ability of the student and teacher to create a convenient work schedule and the intensity of training. Also, the student can record the lesson, which allows to repeat the material at any time. 


Disadvantages of distance learning 

Classes conducted by an online tutor also may have a number of drawbacks. The first of them is the difficulties in payment. Firstly, to pay for the lesson, the student and tutor need to use online banking. And, secondly, there is a chance to get on the dishonest person. Both the teacher, who took an advance payment and refused to hold the class, and the student who did not pay after the class. 

Another disadvantage is the low control over the student’s work. In face-to-face lessons, the teacher sees the progress of certain tasks and has the ability to point the student to mistakes and correct them. But during online lessons, it will be difficult to do this. However, the advantages of this type of lessons are much greater. Therefore, the demand from students for online lessons and the number of qualified teachers is gradually increasing.