1 Carat Diamond Ring: The Expert Buying Guide

A 1 Carat Diamond merely denotes the mass of the diamond. 1 Carat equals to 200 milligrams, or else 0.2 grams. Looking at it perceptively, 1 Carat Diamond has the same weight as a quarter of raisin. About pricing, all diamonds are valued per Carat. The cost of 1 Carat Diamond Ring about wholesale diamonds Los Angeles is $4,500 to $6,000. The actual price, however, is much broader depending on where you get your item from. Whether you are looking for a loose diamond, categories are emphasized because the price per carat doesn’t rise as weight rises. Diamonds are retail products motivated by emotion more compared to reason. Additionally, prices of diamond per carat rise as you stretch to higher weights types. The prices rise exponentially with weight due to the diamond’s greater weight value as well as the increase… Read more “1 Carat Diamond Ring: The Expert Buying Guide”