Can Private Investigators Wire Tap My Phone?

Private investigators are hired by private citizens to help in gathering evidence like a spouse’s infidelity, a missing person, hidden property, and many more. For more information on investigators’ work, you can visit Private investigators use all the available means to deliver what they promised their clients. Eavesdropping telephone conversations (wiretapping) is the best way to obtain information, but are private investigators allowed to wiretap? Phone tapping involves planting a transmitter or listening device on someone’s phone to eavesdrop on text messages, incoming calls, outgoing calls, emails, and other communications. A phone tap can be done by either installing a bug on the cellphone or planting a listening device in places where the subject uses his or her phone to communicate with other people. Phone taps transmit information like audio signals, credential personal banking information, data from text… Read more “Can Private Investigators Wire Tap My Phone?”