Necessary Steps To Improve Your Blog On Twitter

Are you a blogger on Twitter and would like to improve your account and audience? A lot of bloggers think just posting content on the Twitter platform is enough to get people interacting with their content. They, however, miss simple tips that will be discussed later in this article.

Here, we will discuss how to get tweets noticed easily. Twitter is an interesting platform and one does not have to write 1000 words at once unlike WordPress. Take into consideration the following tips you can use to promote blogs on Twitter.

Break blogs into smaller tweets

Twitter only allows a maximum of 280 characters. This means every letter or symbol is counted. Take advantage of this feature and write content that is broken down into smaller sections. Each section can have a specific sub-topic or idea.

This way, it is possible to flow with the thoughts of your readers and come up with engaging content. Long paragraphs can be tiresome, and Twitter does not encourage this. So organize your thoughts before coming up with content.

Use images

You do not have to write blogs throughout. You can include a relatable image in between the blogs to break the monotony. We also relate that books in school are not entirely words. Take advantage of the white space in between and place an image. It does not have to be an official image but ensure it is in line with the Twitter community guidelines.

Instead of images, you can opt to include a short video or a GIF. This will encourage your audience to continue reading the posted content.

Use relatable hashtags


Hashtags put electable content together. If, for example, your blogs are related to cybersecurity, using such a hashtag will promote your content to readers in the same niche. You however do not have to overdo it, they say one or two is enough, maximum is three.

Ensure the hashtags used are well known or at least common. This way, someone will be attracted to your content.

Make use of your communities

Communities promote your content by ensuring you are promoting each other’s content. If they tag you, people in the community space can view your content increasing your audience. In tagging, tag people within your community or the name of the community. This way, people can always find your content relatable.

Be niche-specific

You will always be encouraged to write content that your target audience can relate to. If you write content about the well-being of the planet earth, you have to stick to this content till the end.

If you sway every time you write about different niches, it will be difficult for your audience to keep up with your content. But if you are consistent in what you write, people will always refer to your platform when looking for information relatable to your content.

In conclusion, you can also monitor the growth of the content you post on Twitter at all times. Take advantage of the analytics and work on ways to have exponential growth.