Sacramento Airport

Which terminal is Southwest Airlines in Sacramento?

Sacramento International airport, situated in California, is considered a bustling airport. The airport has two terminals, terminal A and B. It has a total of 32 gates, with 19 of them situated in terminal B, and the remaining 13 in terminal A. 11 airlines operate from terminal B. In contrast, only 4 of them operate from terminal A.

Terminal B of the airport is located on the west wing of the Airport Boulevard. It comprises of various boarding gates from B4 to B23. Southward Airlines, use terminal B of the Sacramento airlines, along with many other commercial airlines such as Aeromexico, Alaska, Frontier, Jet Blue, Hawaiian, Horizon and Volaris airlines, among others.


The Sacramento airport parking fee depends on which parking slot a customer chooses to park in, depending on its closeness to the terminal. It also provides a free shuttle service from the parking lot to the terminal that a person is departing from or arriving to. Parking slots are subject to availability. Vehicles longer than 21 feet are charged double parking.

Inter-terminal transportation

The airport offers a free shuttle surface to facilitate passengers in reaching their terminal on time. The terminal A of the airport is situated outside the baggage claim area, whereas terminal B is on the center island, on the east of the commercial curb. Passengers can conveniently also change their terminals on foot by using the third or fifth floor of the parking garage. This takes about an average of 45 minutes.

Levels of terminal B

The terminal B of the Sacramento International Airport is comprised of three levels. The first level is responsible for baggage claim and ground transportation, including buses, taxis, and airport shuttle services.

The second level takes care of ticketing, so customers can conveniently buy their tickets from the airport before flying. This level also includes the check-in counters, before which passengers have to go through security to ensure their personal safety and that of the airport.

The third level of this terminal is categorized as the automated people mover level. It includes services such as food, drinks and other duty-free shops such as perfume or gift stores, which allows people to buy last-minute presents for their loved ones, or even to shop for themselves to kill time.

The international arrivals and departures for terminal B are in a separate building with boarding gates present on both the right and left sides. The gates B4 to B11 are on the right side of the terminal, whereas gates B12 to B23 are situated on the left.
Airport shuttles drop off and pick up passengers, from terminal B at the east entrance of the baggage claim, on level one, outside doors 3 & 4. Terminal B is also linked to terminal A.


Terminal B offers a variety of services to the passengers within the airport. It has many ATMs for quick and convenient cash withdrawal. It contains baggage carts and belts to escort luggage through the security check-in automatically without much physical labor involved. The airport has many payphones and duty-free stores. The terminal offers a food and drink lounge where passengers can grab a meal. An information desk is present for customers, along with a massage bar and pet relief areas. Free wi-fi is also available throughout the terminal.