Which is Better: Braces or Aligners?

Are you considering services that will have your teeth aligned? Having crowded teeth can be hard to clean and lead to minimal injuries such as biting your tongue or inner cheeks.

Braces and aligners are the most common options to correct your dental arrangement. With the trending technologies, the majority are shifting from braces to invisible aligners as they cannot be seen easily unless one is at a closer view. Both work the same way but vary in the time taken to entirely correct dental formula.

Weighing both options, which one is better for my child, for my age, for the shortest time, to correct a minimal misalignment or even the most comfortable?

Advantages of braces

Dentist checking bracket at the braces on the female patient. Close-up. Real People.

Suitable for cosmetic purposes and look enhancement

Are you the type of person that would like your teeth corrected and find braces cute? Especially the colored ones? This is an opportunity for you to embrace braces. They are cute especially how each tooth is paced under a metallic bracket.

Can be temporary or permanent

In case you like your comfort when sleeping or in the evening when winding down, consider temporary braces. Note however that the period you will be required to wear braces will be longer compared to using permanent braces.

Are available in several options including lingual braces that are placed behind your teeth and ceramic braces that are less visible.

Disadvantages of braces

Smiling happy mouth with tongue and braces

Difficult pronouncing

Alter speech as some words become difficult to pronounce. Braces affect the position of the tongue and the pronunciation of letters.

Taking a lot of care

Braces if not taken care of well can stain teeth. They require brushing them well and visiting an orthodontist for the allocated appointments, especially with the permanent braces.


They are expensive to maintain and install. On average, braces need one to have $3,000 – $6,000. With frequent appointments and consultation services, this could be more.

Advantages of aligners


Invisible aligners are unnoticeable from a distance unless one is close to you to notice you have braces on. This enables you to go on with your daily activities without anyone noticing hence boosts your confidence.

Ability to remove

Come in both removable and permanent package. The removable aligners allow one to brush and floss teeth normally. Can also be removed when eating foods that are sticky and do not damage your aligners.

Faster effect

Aligners take a shorter time to straighten teeth compared to braces. This is because they work on individual teeth while braces work on the whole jaw to attain a perfect shape.

Disadavantages of aligners

Not for every purpose

Are not conducive for all dental misalignments. A small jaw with overcrowded teeth cannot be corrected using aligners. This might require braces or surgery.


They cause discomfort the first few days after installation before the mouth adapts to new changes.

Often appointments

Require frequent appointments to the doctor compared to braces. This is because the treatment time is shorter. Appointments vary from two to three weeks while braces can go even for a month without frequent monitoring.

Attaining the perfect smile is as simple as making the step of visiting an orthodontist for consultation and following the proceeding measures. Know what is best for you by weighing aligners and braces options.