What Kind of Milk Is Best for Coffee

The duo of milk and coffee is extremely dynamic. The blending of milk and coffee together gives a great taste, and it is a perfect pair. The type of milk that is used to make coffee matters a lot. Each milk that is used to make coffee gives a unique taste. Many things matter when choosing the best milk for coffee such as the nutritional facts, chemical content, flavor, and texture of the milk. Different brands of milk are available in the market, but choosing the best one out of them is a crucial task. The three types of milk that are very popular for making coffee are whole milk, Non-dairy milk, and skim milk.

Whole Milk

It is a known fact that the milk that has the highest amount of fat in it will be richer and creamier. The creamier milk is, the better it suits for making coffee. Also, the milk that is high in fat will taste creamier. Most of the coffee houses use whole milk because it is the best milk for making coffee. Unlike other kinds of milk that have been processed to remove fat and sugar from it lose the richness and creaminess that is why when they are used for making coffee, the coffee just doesn’t taste right. The natural whole milk is the best milk for making coffee because it has every ingredient and nutrient that is necessary for making a foamy, rich, and creamy cup of coffee. Most people prefer coffee over milk only because of the richness and creaminess, but other kinds of milk lack those things.

Non-dairy Milk

Non-dairy milk or plant-based milk is gaining popularity rapidly. People nowadays prefer vegan milk over cow’s milk, but for coffee, non-dairy milk is not that great. Another reason plant-based milk is not the best option for making coffee is the chemical content. The chemical content present in non-dairy milk is relatively low as compared to animal milk, which negatively affects the taste of the coffee. Plant-based milk has more water in them instead of fats and proteins, which decreases its thickness and creaminess. Coffee that is not creamy is simply a tea. Even though the richness and creaminess of coffee matters a lot, but the taste is still the biggest factor that makes a coffee great. Because of having less fat and protein in non-dairy milk, the taste of coffee is not that good.

Skim Milk

Skim milk is processed milk that is used by people that are health conscious. Through processing, the extra fat and sugar are removed from the milk that is why it has little to no fat at all. Because of not having enough fat in it when it is mixed with coffee, that blend is not thick and creamy which is what coffee lovers require. Even though it has lesser fat but it creates a dry and dense foam that is perfect for espresso coffee.