What Is A Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are agents with valid license to aid or help Seller’s sell and to render assistance for buyers of real estate properties. And they generally are in possession of a valid license to operate and negotiate sales. And they are supervised by real estate broker. The Real Estate agent is said to be professionals in nature Because they work on estate transactions.

ISA in real estate stands for highly experienced and well-trained sales personnel. An ISA agent is also in possession of a valid license and can also do the things outside agent does Such as creating leads as well as the setting of Appointments. However, one of the main reasons of having such agents (ISA) is just mainly for leverage by ensuring more leads which will lead to more successful transactions. ISA Agents can also be called telemarketers.

However, most estate agents work with a broker, and they work based on commission. Therefore, their income earned depends on how they render assistance to clients and earn based on transactions ensured.

Furthermore, real estate agents perform various roles and duties depending on how they work hand in hand with the seller or buyers, agents that works with seller’s advice their clients how to place a price tag on a house and makes it available for sale, and rendering rapid or last minutes’ improvement on which can promote easy sale of the house. Agents who act as seller makes use of the various medium such as advertising, networking and listing services. The agents find available buyer meeting all financial requirements of the sellers. It can be otherwise mean that

Agents acts as an intermediary between the buyers and sellers of real estate property. It is essential and necessary for consumers to have an integral understanding as to whether an agent can act as a representative for each party, due to the fact that the trust or loyalty of an agent to both parties can have an effect on a transaction. Including the final price.

DUTIES OF A REAL ESTATE AGENTS 1. To place the value of a house in the market for a listing price. This is mainly one of the integral duties of a real estate agent. 2. To render or give out advice on how the house would be set and ready for advertising. 3. To ensure that the house is listed on a Multiple Listing Service. 4. To ensure marketing of the house to other agents or buyers who are interested 5. To ensure Supervision of the home 6. To report feedbacks to the owner of the real estate owners. This is the stage in which real estate agents renders feedbacks to the owner/seller of real estate properties. 7. Real Estate agents ensure coordination of a contract from beginning till the end of the deal. And they ensure that there is no form of a breach in agreement by a third party in terms of payment and handing over of the real estate property.