VA Home loans: Everything America’s Military Veterans Need to Know

Are you active in the military or a veteran who was discharged and is looking forward to a VA loan? Are you specific to acquiring a home loan for you and your family? All the information you need to know from how these loans are given out to the requirements is outlined below for you.

What does a VA home loan mean and entail?

This is a loan assured by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the U.S. to enable mortgage lenders to offer their home loans to militants and veterans. Although the Department of Veterans Affairs does not offer the loans directly, they back up the loan, enabling the agencies to give loans without an initial down payment. They also offer lost credit standards.

How VA home loans work

The first step in acquiring the loan is filing paperwork with your information to prove your accessibility to the loan. Afterward, you receive an entitlement amount assured on each loan. Depending on the amount you secure, loaners can offer you up to fourfold or less the amount on your entitlement. However, this is not guaranteed and varies from one loaner to another.

How to apply for a certificate of eligibility

Before applying for a certificate of eligibility, ensure you can qualify for the loan. Basic essentials include: You are active in the military or you are a veteran honorably discharged, achieve a minimum of 90 days of active service at war or a minimum of 180 days of active days during a peaceful time and finally work for at least six years of service in the National Guard.

Veterans applying for the loan are required to give a DD Form 214, a document that verifies a service member’s proof of military service. This document is offered at the Department Of Defense. Information filled here should include your basic information, specific information dates and any other information in the forms.

What are VA loan underwriting requirements?

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This is the final and the longest stage in the process of acquiring a VA home loan. Takes about 61 days. Here, the underwriters ensure you have a clean, satisfactory credit risk from your former creditors. Issues such as was there delay in the loan’s payment or any other payments. They also check if you have enough income for the present and future loan payments.

Afterward, the underwriters can approve your loan eligibility, give conditional approval with additional requirements or deny your loan eligibility.

Do veterans require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Because of the guarantee by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, you do not need a private mortgage insurance cover when applying for a loan. The entitlement acquired also covers the amount to be earned from the loan.

In conclusion, it is easy for you as a veteran to acquire a loan to secure a home for your family, especially when the government can cover for you from your lender.