Physical Therapy vs. Physical Rehabilitation – What’s the Difference?

Injuries and accidents can occur at any place and at any particular point in time. We cannot control or predict their occurrence. Unsafe working conditions or a swerving driver on the road can result in life-changing injuries. This is the life story of many people throughout the world. The victims of such cases need great help in order to restore the proper function of their muscles and bodies. Do they need physical therapy or do they need physical rehabilitation? In many instances, the use of the terms physical therapy and physical rehabilitation have been used interchangeably. However, the distinction between the two is quite evident. This article guide seeks to give more information on the same.

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What is Physical Rehabilitation?

You can perceive physical rehabilitation as the restoration of something back to its original shape or condition. It is used on people with physical impairments, injuries that have significant effects on the use and function of their joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, and more. Physical rehabilitation works with an ultimate goal: for the patient to regain complete and utter control and independence of their life.

Rehabilitation also includes the re-learning of skills. Due to the effect of physical impairment, the patient may be unable to completely regain or use their limbs as before. The treatment might involve learning of different ways of performing earlier tasks such as eating, moving, or grasping onto items. With the impairment still present, the patient learns how to do several functions regardless of the significant injury bearing down on them.

The treatment of physical rehabilitation is usual a steeped and slow process. But in the end, the patient enjoys a better quality of life.

What is Physical Therapy?

The main difference between physical therapy and physical rehabilitation is the end goal. Physical therapy seeks to completely correct the impairment of the patient’s body. The impairment could be the result of an accident. Physical therapy typically involves realigning the patient’s ligaments, muscles, and soft tissues. Through exercises and specific training such as balance and gait training, the treatment slow regains normal use of their body.

Most professional physical therapists are experts in the Musco-skeleton human structure. They have studied intensely the different movements of the human body. This enables them to help people of different ages and problems with restoration of their limbs or other body parts to the way it was before.