Physical Signs a Partner May be Cheating


Infidelity is a major issue of concern in relationships today. People nowadays frequently have trust issues with their partners, often suspecting that they are unfaithful. Private investigators will come in handy in conducting research on whether a partner is cheating. Such people usually have great skill and expertise in carrying out such investigations. Besides being able and willing to get their hands dirty, these investigators are also able to work secretly or discretely and to come up with concrete evidence of infidelity.

This article highlights some of the physical signs that indicate a partner may be cheating in a relationship.


Personality and Character Changes

These may be due to guilt or emotional adjustments to being unfaithful in a relationship. Examples of these changes may be becoming more secretive, more argumentative and less affectionate. Going to the bathroom or elsewhere to take calls as well as being extremely protective with social media, emails or phone shows that there is something to hide and should definitely raise a red flag. It should also alarm you if your partner is always on his or her phone. One of the character changes that should be looked out for is spending more money. Unusual patterns in spending of money should also not be given a cold shoulder. In addition, a change in language characterized by the use of new phrases may indicate that someone is influencing your partner. Also, frequently finding your partner not wearing his or her wedding ring may suggest a decreased commitment to the relationship as well as not wanting to reveal relationship status with others.


Change in Sex Drive and Behaviour

A partner who was once demanding or showing great interest in sex may start being disinterested because they are getting it elsewhere. Other partners could initiate sex more often to cover up their actions and relieve themselves of the guilt of cheating in the relationship. All in all, drastic and dramatic changes in the sexual drive and behavior of a partner may be an indication that he or she is cheating.



If your partner is not transparent or accountable regarding their location, or if they are often found in places that they are not expected to be, there is a high likelihood that they are not being faithful. A phone-finding app like “find my phone” may be used to detect the location of the phone of your partner and to determine whether they are telling the truth regarding their whereabouts. Partners who often spend a longer time at work or other public places may also raise eyebrows.


Other Signs

Check out for scents, several business trips especially for men in the corporate world, absenteeism in family events and holidays, obvious lies, defensiveness, evasiveness, unexplained items and hidden credit card bills. All these could indicate that your spouse is having an affair.