How to Win free Chicken in KFC Survey

KFC generally requires customers to fill up these surveys from time to time. These surveys are a source of feedback in terms of quality assurance, reliability of the brand, environment, packaging, and product delivery. This helps KFC to make their potential customers into frequently returning customers as this gives a lot of power to the customers. When customers fill up such sort of surveys, they are given an image that essentially they are the people of utmost importance. Therefore, their opinion has a significant value to the company. And while this statement may be a cliché, nevertheless, it is entirely factual so companies that have such high direct contact with their customers.

The survey acts as a win-win situation for both parties as it gives the audience a feeling of importance. This makes the audience realize that the company cares for them. On the contrary, getting feedback on such an excellent level helps the company figure out their weaknesses and strengths. This ultimately helps them to refine their services for the long run further.

Steps in winning free chicken in KFC Survey

Firstly, you need to type “mykfcexperience” in browsers’ search field and click on the first page that appears on the search. This will principally take you the place where you can fill the survey to receive a free chicken. On the website, the customer is bound to add their credentials mentioned on their receipt. These credentials include survey code, date, and time. By using these identifications, you will be able to access the survey itself. The survey would contain questions ranging from multiple sections of the process. From the cooking to the delivery, each part is questioned thoroughly. This helps to get a significantly refined quality of data, which can be manipulated to find good results out of which. Do note that before you start the survey, they ask the customer for their language so that the larger audience can understand and therefore submit the study to the company. Ultimately, after finishing the survey, you receive a redemption code that can be used at any KFC of your convenience. From this redemption code, the customer is granted access to get a free “Chicken cup.” This completes the entire steps included in winning a free chicken from a KFC survey online.

Requirements to avail the code

There are some requirements to avail of the redemption code. The first stipulation is that the person filling the entire survey must be sane and of over 18 years of age. Since younger people may not be reliable for such sensitive and essential information, secondly, without a receipt, no one can get access to the survey. To get access to the survey, you need to make sure that you first make an order from any KFC branch and then use the code on the receipt. A thing to note is that the same survey code can not be used over and over again. It is only useful for one-time use only.