How To Wear A Snapback

For most of you who are not aware of what a snapback is, it is basically just a type of hat. Mitchell and Ness snapbacks are amazing they are my favorite snapbacks they are very fashionable and are trending. When me and my friends are going to watch a game of NBA, we like to wear our team’s snapbacks. This keeps us in the mood and shows support to the team. Here are the different styles you can wear your snapback. The basic This is more like the regular way of wearing a snapback.

But the difference is you have to make sure the brim of the snap back is pointing upward at a 45-degree angle this ravels the front part of your hair and shows off that neat hair style its now becoming a classic way of wearing a snap back by the new generation snap back lovers. The quif The quif is more old school and has been around since the 80s for this you basically wear your snapback backwards but the strap should not cover the front of your head this means the brim should be on a 45degree angle down wards this allows you to stand out and if you are going with this style take a moment to make the hair on the from neat as possible.

This style makes more sense when it’s not very sunny because it looks awkward when the sun is hitting your face and the brim is behind. The G Style Now this my favorite, for this one you have to put on the snapback, the beam should be facing forward not up or down or any other crazy angles more of a perpendicular way or flat angle for everyone to understand, this looks great on most outfits and is a great look during a sunny day, if you have seen fresh from Campton the movie this is how ice cube and dr. Dre used to wear snapbacks way back in the day.

Till this day it is still a popular trend and gives you that style that’s just cool, this style makes people take you seriously. Rapper Style For this style we are going for a more confident the brim should face backwards and instead of wearing it completely you lightly put it on top of your head. Trust me this really looks epic and attracts attention, this style as achievable if you have a lot of hair you can’t rock this style without any hair the snapback might just fall off. Be Creative Yeah that’s right the best styles were made by experimenting, you can put it to the side and give off that chickee look make it tighter, different styles look great on different outfits.

So, get a mirror and tryout as may styles as possible until you find what will look great on your outfit, and what style will bring out the look you are going for. Shy people drop the brim of the snap back to avoid eye contact while others do it because it looks great. You can complement your Mitchell and Ness snap back with some gorgeous glasses.