How to Get Drunk Before Departure?

Sometimes flights can be long and tiresome. You may want to avoid getting nervous while on the plane by gobbling a couple of drinks before departure. How can you achieve this without causing havoc to yourself and others? Well, let’s look at the six golden tips below.


  1. Go for the light stuff

If it’s a must you get high, why not go for a drink you can tolerate? A glass of wine or a pint of beer is all you need. Besides, there are some alcoholic creams with a low percentage of alcohol content. Try to avoid strong whiskeys and rums that will knock your brain out and ruin your day, will you?


  1. Avoid binge drinking

Binge drinking, as fun as it appears, will get you overdrunk and overwhelmed. Trust me you, this can ruin your flight. Once flight attendants notice all the red flags hanging on your head, they may forbid you to board the plane believing you might pose a risk while in the skies. You don’t want that, do you?


  1. Ensure you’ eaten well enough

Taken on an empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed quickly. It’ll take a very short time for you to get high, something that can easily ruin your flight. You might be better off eating some good food before taking on drinks as food slows down the absorption of alcohol.


  1. Avoid going for shots

Going for shots is like taking a loudspeaker and shouting, I am striving hard to get extremely drunk for this flight’. Yes, it is fun, but it may ruin your day. After all, who will be willing to drag you to the plane when you are busy throwing up?


  1. Know your limits

If a glass of beer shakes you to the ground, why go past that? Go for what you are used to and don’t exceed your normal amounts even if your buddies are making fun of you. After all, they won’t be around to carry your ass to the plane if things go west.


  1. Avoid consuming different substances to get high

Stick to alcohol alone. Don’t consume alcohol then top up with cigar or marijuana. Doing so may make you experience a blackout or take you to a whole different world. This can mess up everything you worked for.


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My final say

Flights are meant to be enjoyed. If you are to drink before departure, I highly recommend you adhere to the six golden rules of drinking that I’ve discussed above. Another option is to avoid alcohol at all costs while boarding a plane. It doesn’t hurt, does it?