How to Easily Create Attractive Instagram Stories

Instagram has gained quite a lot of reputation lately. People, especially the youth of almost every country, are crazy after making an account on Instagram as they do not want to be considered primitive. Instagram has a fantastic feature that allows one to upload stories that disappear after 24 hours. Instagram came up with this idea and never thought that it would become so successful. These days sharing your personal life on social media is not a big deal. Hence, many people love the idea of uploading stories on Instagram. Posting short snippets from their daily lives gives youth a sense of satisfaction. However, many people are concerned about how to create engaging Instagram stories which their audience would love. A popular option is having a food blog on Instagram.

Select a good niche

When determining how to make engaging stories, it is always best to figure out the right niche. A niche that the audience would love to explore and read about. It is noticed that food blogs on Instagram are becoming increasingly popular. They are becoming popular to the extent that many individuals are opting to create content on it.

Content of the stories

Individuals must focus on the content of their stories. It is not wrong to say that determining the content is difficult. While figuring out the content, one must ensure that the stories should be up to the mark and related to topics that are in trend. Uploading stories that would not hook the viewers’ attention can be termed as a waste of time and energy.

Quality of stories

Undoubtedly, content plays a vital role in one’s stories to be successful. However, it must be kept into consideration that other factors must not be disregarded. What matters next is the quality of the stories. This is to say that the camera from which stories are shot should be of high quality. Uploading stories of low resolution ultimately acts as a repellant as the audience would never compromise on the quality.


Another feature on Instagram which has created quite a lot of hype is Boomerang. Instagrammers can use this for making their stories enjoyable. Almost every single Instagrammer is seen making boomerangs.  The reason behind it is simple. These boomerangs are concise and to the point. They don’t require a lot of effort to be understood and save the time of the viewers. Also, there is something attractive about boomerangs that hooks almost everyone’s attention. Food blogs on Instagram have gained quite a lot of popularity. Hence, the perfect idea is to make boomerangs on food items. This will definitely attract the attention of the audience.

In conclusion, almost everyone wants to gain popularity on Instagram. They want to be amongst the famous ones whose stories are appreciated and considered the best in the lot. To succeed in this task, selecting a good niche, ensuring good quality of stories, the content of stories, and boomerangs are some of the fantastic tips for one’s Instagram account to prosper.