How Do You Get a Verified Account on Instagram?

Having a verified Instagram account is quite easy, if you have the standards required and you also know exactly how to do it. If you want to understand how this works, then this is the right article to read. We shall be focusing on how you can apply for verification and the standards you need to have to be verified.

With these steps you will have a great chance of being verified by Instagram. Not only that but the authenticity will help you get more Instagram followers.


The application process.

Doing the application process is the easy part that will only take few minutes to complete.

#1. Login your Instagram account then go to your profile page.

#2. Go to the menu icon in the upper right corner and tap it.

#3. Select the setting icon at the bottom of the list.

#4. Choose the request verification by scrolling down on your menu list.

#5. Finally start filling up the information required including your account name, and category. After filling these details, upload your ID or business ID if you have a business account. Hit send and you’ll be done with the first part.

Instagram will then review your application then notify you whether you’re approved or not. One thing to know is that this won’t be a right away response, it can take some time.


Once you’re verified, you will have the verification badge next to the account name. The badge shows the authenticity of your profile, whether you’re a celebrity, global brand or notable public figure. Having the badge will also increase you speed and chances to get more Instagram followers.

What you need to be verified.

You should understand that meeting the verification standards is very important before you apply. The reason that not everyone is being verified is first because there are standards to meet before that. Let’s quickly look at what is needed to be verified.

– Your account should be in the public interest, this means you should be a global brand, celebrity or public figure.

– Make sure that your adhere to the Terms of service & community guidelines

– Your account should be authentic whether you’re a registered business or personal brand or real person.

– You will only be able to verify one account per person or business.

– Fill out your bio, have a profile photo and at least a single post.

With these standards Instagram will go through and verify your account. If it happens that you’re not verified, then the issue is that Instagram is not convinced with your authenticity. However, there are still things you can do to improve your authenticity and have a good chance to be verified.


Tips to increase your chances of verification.

#1. Start promoting your account on other social profiles and websites. It will help reveal the official account of the brand.

#2. Start sharing your Instagram account in various communications such as newsletter and e-mail signature.

#3. Have a brand aesthetic and maintain it always in every post, this includes things like the filters you use.

#4. Use the same name you use in other channels.

#5. Include a link to your website if you have one.

#6. Create a compelling bio that convey your personality

#7. Choose the right profile photo.

#8. Finally resubmit your application.