How Automated Patient Reminders Save Time and Money?

Let’s put it out there. There is no one who is perfect and can remind everything. Okay, maybe there is. But they make a very small percentage of the population. For the rest of the use in the normal curve, we tend to forget things quite often. They might be as minute as forgetting to purchase a certain item at the shop or to more substantial things, like forgetting to show up for your appointment at the doctor. So try a doctor appointment reminder app.

There are a number of benefits attached to having such a service at your private office. If you are just starting your practice, we are sure you want to save up on every cent possible. Investing in an automated patient reminder solution is a sure way to do so. The following is how appointment reminders save your business some time and money.

Reducing the number of no-shows

A missed appointment by a client is lost revenue. Medical practices don’t ask for clients to make a deposit or book with a certain percentage of the consultation fee. Payment is made after the consultation. Therefore no-shows mean lost revenue. Automated reminders ensure that the client is reminded of the appointment. And if they are unable to make it, they can communicate early so that their slot is given to someone else.

Efficiency of service

A medical practice runs on the same principles as a normal business. Each member of staff needs to be able to perform their duties adequately for the business to thrive. With the automated patient reminder service, the staff can plan accordingly for the day or even for the week.

In addition, since reminders are automated, the staff is freed up to engage in more important tasks at the medical practice. Office staff no longer has to spend long hours manually texting or calling patients on a periodic basis. Imagine if you have to message of call 100 patients?

Continued care

With automated patient reminders, missed appointments don’t disrupt the flow of service at the practice. With prior information, the office can simply adjust accordingly and offer the next patient the best service possible with a smile on the face.


The average person spends a substantial amount of time daily on their phone. The automated patient reminders take advantage of this by sending messages and notifications to your clients, reminding them of their appointments.

Is there anyone who makes use of a planner in this day and age? People no longer use calendars. If you simply make a visit to your friend’s home, you will see that this is true. Save your new medical practice both the time and money by investing in an automated patient reminder service. There are several service providers who can create a tailor-made solution for you.