Can a Normal Person Get Verified on Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most popular mobile and social media applications of our time. An application initially intended to deal with online production and sharing content has become much more versatile and exciting. After introducing a plethora of new features, Instagram has indeed altered the way it is functioning. More than ever before, Instagram has become extremely useful and popular. This is not only applicable in terms of personal accounts, but also in terms of business accounts. Instagram’s importance for followers remains the same, however. To be successful on Instagram, he or she must have a fair amount of following. For this, people may revert to different techniques, the most common of which is the use of SimplyGram service, an online Instagram growth service known to provide rapid organic growth on the platform.

What happens with more followers?

The more followers you have on Instagram, the more chances of being labeled more authentic and genuine. This is applicable, especially in the cases of online businesses. With business accounts on Instagram, people usually target more and more followers, so the chances of securing more sales are possible. In other words, followers on business accounts are part of the overall client base and tend to serve as potential customers for the business, especially in the long run. With more followers, you can increase your overall brand awareness and brand image because your brand’s overall exposure also increases. This is because more and more people get to see what type of content you are posting, and if the content is appealing and is good enough, sales follow. For a layperson who has no clue about your account, it is imperative to have an appealing and relevant account concerning what you post online. So long story short, to secure more success on Instagram, your account, whether personal or business, must have a fair amount of followers online.

Verification on Instagram

Realizing the importance of followers and the awareness of its own users, Instagram itself came up with a reward and recognition system to distinguish the accounts that have a good number of followers online. Instagram has now introduced the “blue tick verification” feature that symbolizes the Instagram account’s success. We usually see the blue tick next to celebrities and influencers; however, almost anyone can achieve this feat as long as he or she is particularly adamant and determined to reach the milestone. According to Instagram, anyone can get the account verified as long as the milestone of having 10,000+ followers is reached. Once this is done, the account can get the blue tick symbol. Once that has been awarded to the account, further exponential growth can be expected since the verification feature on Instagram gives a perfect impression indicating that the person has become a very exclusive club.